Winner: A Month's Rent - March 2019

Winner: A Month's Rent - March 2019

07 May 2019 | Vaboo

Coapt tenant, Tom, was the lucky winner of the March Month’s rent competition!

We spoke with Tom about his renting experience and uncovered some valuable insights into his renting experience…

1. How did being given access to Vaboo make you feel about your letting agent?

Being given access to Vaboo made me feel that Coapt want to help me as one of their customers by allowing me to save money and enter competitions like this one.

2. Have other letting agents given you access to anything like this before?

I have only ever rented with Coapt so I haven’t had any experience with other letting agents giving me access to similar services. However, I haven’t heard of any other letting agents giving customers access to anything like Vaboo.

3. Do you think letting agents should give more to tenants in terms of value when it comes to the renting experience?

I feel that Co Apt have been very helpful in offering services such as access to Vaboo and also to Glide (to pay utility bills), so in my experience I am happy with what I have been given by my letting agent which is more than I expected them to do for me.

4. What has your experience with Co Apt been generally?

My experience with Co Apt has been very positive; they have been very understanding, helpful and I have been very satisfied with their communication with me of anything I need to know.

5. What do you like most about renting?

I like the security that if anything goes wrong with the property that isn’t my fault, my landlord is very helpful and he will have it fixed for me without me being charged.

6. What do you like the least?

When looking for the property it felt very uncertain as properties would come off the market very quickly and I felt a lot of pressure to sign and pay a lot of money quickly to ensure I had somewhere to live.

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